The TAUBER B2B Process KM enables you to easily monitor and report on EDIFACT (United Nations Electronic Data Interchange For Administration, Commerce and Transport) based Business To Business Processes implemented using the e-Mail Protocol. The PATROL Knowledge Module is configured to periodically create dummy orders for one or more B2B processes. It then controls, evaluates and displays the answers of the B2B system.

After creating and sending the order, the Knowledge Modul checks the process steps by getting the e-Mail based answers from the B2B system. The KM monitors the time between the process steps and checks wether there have been any errors. The KM allows you to track and control the performance and availability of your B2B processes based on EDIFACT and e-Mail. The KM manages the status of all processes and, in addtition, write all results to an external file for importing and reporting.