Implementing BMC Software products is quite simple compared to a lot of other products. In contrast, the majority of mistakes (which create huge problems during operation) are made during the conceptual, the design and implementation phases of BMC Helix Operations Manager projects and BMC TrueSight to BMC Helix Migration projects.

It is therefore very important to create a detailed concept, one that is able to be reviewed and optimized during the life cycle of the BMC products. We can help you to create and verify these concepts and also help you to implement the products right from the start.

Our services

  • Creating a product architecture to show how it may work
  • Comparing products to support your decision-making process
  • Creating a concept and running pilot projects to safeguard your investments
  • Creating a product implementation plan to support the implementation process
  • Implementing the products for you
  • Analyzing your product environment and suggesting possible optimization action