We are happy to announce …

TAUBER Grafana Integration
for BMC Helix Operations Manager  

TAUBER Business Solutions is  happy to early announce a new product called TAUBER Grafana Integration for BMC Helix Operations Manager. We are currently starting to work on this product and decide which functions we first can transfer from the existing TrueSight Grafana Solution to the Helix product. Actually we think version one will support

  • Most of the existing template Variables
  • Metric Queries
  • Event Queries
  • Advanced Event Queries

The product is covered by the existing maintenance and subscription contracts and can be easily switched from TrueSight to Helix. Next to this converting existing Dashboards created with TAUBER Grafana Integration for BMC TrueSight Operations Manager is nothing more than switching the Datasource in the Panels. So …

  • Switch and use your existing license at no additional charge
  • Run your Dashboards in your Grafana Instance where ever it is located
  • Migrate the Grafana Dashboards from TrueSight to Helix with a click

You want to have it? Sorry! We have to build it 😃

Actually we are planning to release TAUBER Grafana Integration for BMC Helix Operations Manager in Q3 2023.

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Current Status
26.02.2023: We have implemented most of the necessary Template Variables 😃
04.03.2023: Successfully received the first Attribute data and created a Panel.
11.03.2023:  Device List Panel PlugIn already works with BHOM  😃