TAUBER Link List Dashlet 

This Link List Dashlet can be used to provide a list of links to external websites like Documentation or Application logins so the Dashboards can contain monitoring data and also information necessary to understand and check the data. Next to this you can forward the User to other Dashboards or information with TrueSight.

Features & Functions

  • Flexible configuration options for different display options
  • Shortcut from the Dashboard directly to Application Logins and Documentation
  • Shortcut from the Dashboard to other Dashboards or information in TrueSight
  • Export / Import to quickly configure huge list based on CSV
  • Sorting based on Description and Link
Link List Dashlet View

Link List Dashlet View

New in Version 1.5.20 / September Update

  • Optimized display of Search Header in Dashlet view
  • Optimized Dashlet view also for 25% and 30% Dashboard row sizes
  • Link name and URL to long will be cut with “…”
  • Dashlet updater for Windows! Update the TAUBER Dashlet without TSPS reboot
  • Smaller Bug Fixes

Click here to go to the Download page and download a Trial version of the Dashlet!

Link List Configuration View

Link List Configuration View