TAUBER TrueSight REST-API Client

Integrating, Reporting and Automation are major topics customers have to work on when running TrueSight Operations Manager. The TrueSight Presentation Server REST-API can be used for a lot of these topics. The TAUBER TrueSight REST-API Client (=TRAPIC) is the first command line tool that supports customers in using the REST-API of the TrueSight Presentation Server. It is 

… easy to install and use
… automates processes like adding Services to an Authorization Profile
… covers connecting, data collection and output in three different formats
… secure storing of connection details & session handling


New in Version 3.0.xx

  • New traudit tool creating CSV or HTML report for all Authorization Profiles including Authorization Profile Name, Usergroup Name, Role Name and Priviliges
  • New trapic function getallusergroupsinprofile
  • New trapic function getallrolesinprofile 

Supported TrueSight Operations Manager Versions:
TrueSight Operations Manager V10.7.xx, V11.0.xx, V11.3.xx

Supported Operating Systems:
Windows 2008, 2012, 2016 & 2019 (32 & 64 Bit)

Functions implemented in V3.0.xx:
getconnectionstatus, getdevicelist, getauthprofiles, getattributelist, getmontypes, getinstances, getpolicylist, checkuserauth, getperfdata & getperfdata2, geteventcounts, getislist, getagentlist, getavmagentlist, getapplicationlist, getcomponentstatus, getpackages, getuserlist, getallsevicesinprofile, getallapplicationsinprofile, getalldevicesinprofile, getallusergroupsinprofile (new), getallrolesinprofile (new), getrolelist, getusergrouplist

TRAPIC Wrappers in V3.0.xx:
traddservicetoprofile, trremoveservicefromprofile, traddapplicationtoprofile, trremoveapplicationfromprofile, tradddevicetoprofile, trremovedevicefromprofile, trcreateauthprofile, trdeleteauthprofile, trdeletemanageddevice, traudit

For more details download the latest PDF manual here!

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