for TAUBER TrueSight REST-API Client

(T)rueSight (R)EST (API) (C)lient V3.2.xx

TRAPIC is the first easy to use command line REST-API client for BMC TrueSight Operations Manager. The Tool provides a lot of different
functions and connects to the REST-API of the TrueSight Presentation Server to gather and display the required data. Next to this you can 
configure and change a lot of things in your TrueSight Presentation Server using the trapic Tools!

OS Plattform: Windows (32 & 64 Bit)
TrueSight Versions tested: 10.x, 11.x

Version 3.2.xx has
… been tested against the TrueSight 10.7.xx, 11.0.xx and 11.3.xx 
… new functions getcelllist, getdevicegrouplist and geteventgrouplist in trapic
… new function to getalldevicegroupsinprofile in trapic
… new Tools traddeventgrouptoprofile & trremoveeventgroupfrom profile
.., new Tool to create an Audit report with Usergroups, Roles & Permissions
… a lot of Bugfixes and streamlined Function output
… a full License to explore all Functions expiring 01.01.2020
… a complete Manual included with a lot of Examples (Download here!)
… to learn more about TRAPIC click here to change to the product page!