TAUBER TIM Knowledge Modul

(TAUBER TrueSight Infrastructure Monitor)

TAUBER TIM Knowledge Module or TAUBER TIM KM is the short version for TAUBER TrueSight Infrastructure Monitor Knowledge Modul. A BPPM 9.5, 9.6 and TrueSight 10.x & 11.x compatible solution focusing on monitoring the BPPM / TrueSight Infrastructure concerning availability, performance and load of the main components of the TrueSight environment.

This version TAUBER TIM KM covers

  • Availability of the TrueSight Presentation Server / BPPM Server core components
  • Availability & response time of the TrueSight / BPPM Server (Primary & Secondary) HTTP & HTTPS portal
  • Availability & response time of the TSIM / BBPM Server HTTP & HTTPS portal
  • Agents connected / Agents disconnected to the Integration Services, the TSIM / BPPM Servers and the TrueSight / BPPM environment at all.

TAUBER TIM KM measures major availability and performance metrics making the performance and availability of the TrueSight system more transparent and helps reducing failure, overloading components or reducing performacne.

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