The TAUBER MySQL Knowledge Module is an add-on to the systems management software PATROL® by BMC Software. The Knowledge Module is used to monitor MySQL Databases running on UNIX / Linux and Windows. You can monitor availability and performance information including the MySQL errorlogs.

Features of the Knowledge Module

  • Fast and easy installation and configuration
  • No software installation if used in combination with the TAUBER Remote Kowledge Module
  • Out of the box availability, performance and errorlog monitoring
  • Full integration in all other BMC products (Impact Manager etc.)
  • Supports MySQL 5.x and higher on UNIX / Linux and Windows supported by PATROL® and / or the TAUBER Remote KM
  • Supports MySQL Cluster V7.1.13 and higher

Monitored Areas of MySQL Cluster Knowledge Module

MySQL Cluster Management (ndb_mgmd)
  • MySQL Cluster Managemend Daemon Status
MySQL Cluster Nodes (ndbd)
  • MySQL Cluster Node Status
  • MySQL Cluster Node is Master?
MySQL Database Daemon (mysqld)
  • MySQL Database Daemon Status

Monitored Areas of MySQL Database Knowledge Module

MySQL Availability Monitoring
  • Server Status (Up / Down)
  • Uptime of the server
  • Queries and Average Queries and more
MySQL Cache Monitoring
  • Cache hits
  • Hits not cached and more
MySQL Command Monitoring
  • Number of commands for all comon MySQL SQL command types
MySQL Connection Monitoring
  • Number of queries and connections
  • Maximum number of connections
  • Number of aborted connections and aborted clients and more
MySQL Database Monitoring
  • Excluding and Including of databases and tables
  • Monitoring of the free space in the tables and more
MySQL Errorlog Monitoring
  • Automatic detection of the MySQL errorlog and monitoring for „Error“ and „Warning“
  • Additional logs and phrases configurable
MySQL Lock Monitoring
  • Number of immediate locks and locks waited
MySQL Network Monitoring
  • Bytes sent and Bytes received
MySQL Performance Monitoring
  • Response time
  • Handler writes and updates
  • Handler deletes, commits and more
MySQL Replication Monitoring
  • Slave active?
  • Seconds behind master?
  • IO active?
  • SQL active?