TAUBER Event Gateway 

 Release planned for Q1 2021

TAUBER Business Solutions is announcing the

TAUBER Event Gateway 

In modern Enterprises multiple products are used to monitor, operate and run the critical IT Infrastructure. Monitoring events contain important information and customers have to make sure that this information is available everywhere required.

The TAUBER Event Gateway is a JAVA based solution that forwards events from a source system to a target system. Currently the TAUBER Event Gateway supports BMC TrueSight Operation Manager and REST as source and BMC TrueSight Operations Manager and BMC Helix Monitor as target system.

How does the Event Gateway work?

The TAUBER Event Gateway receives Events through a so called Connector (BMC TrueSight Operations Manager or REST). The Connector normalizes the Event to an internal forward and sends it to the Dispatcher. The Dispatcher stores the Event in the internal cache and forwards it to the so called Adapter (BMC TrueSight Operations Management or BMC Helix Monitor). The Adapter transfers the Event into the format the connected target system requires and sends it to the target system. Finally the event is removed from the Event Gateway internal cache.

Solution value

  • Native integration of BMC TrueSight Operations Manager
    and BMC Helix Monitoring
  • Highly scalable and easy to configure and run
  • Internal Cache for reliable transfer if target system is not 
  • Simple filesystem based backup and recovery
  • REST-API and Command line interface
  • PATROL KM for Monitoring of the Gateway (Throughput etc.) available

Supported platforms

  • Supports Windows 2016 and higher / SLES 11 and higher 
  • Supports BMC TrueSight Operations Manager Version 11.3.03 and higher
  • Supports BMC Helix Monitoring Version 20.08 and higher
TAUBER Event Gateway

TAUBER Event Gateway V1.0.00

TAUBER Event Gateway

TAUBER Event Gateway V2.0.00

TAUBER Event Gateway

TAUBER Event Gateway Architecture

TAUBER Event Gateway

TAUBER Event Gateway Processing

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